Testimonials & Reviews


“At 41 yrs old, I feel I finally found the right Dr! She listens and hears what is going on with me and my life and doesn’t treat me like a number. She is very down to earth and I appreciate her relations to some of the things I experience. I found her upon referral and feel it is a great fit! Thank you for all you do Dr. Adejoke”

~Katie G.


“Great doctor, understanding collaborative and very helpful. I’m grateful that I came in contact with her, I have been looking for a good doctor for months and she has helped me very much.”

~Breana L.

Ronnie Jo

“Adejoke goes above and beyond as a therapist. I often struggle with feeling valued and self worth. She has made me feel seen and heard and takes time to help me problem solve and provides resources (which is what I have been looking for).”

~Ronnie Jo M.


“Very compassionate, and facilitates a safe space to dive deep into the contributing factors that lead to my seeking of psychiatric treatment.”

~Lisette H.


“Adejoke is a fantastic listener. I’m very excited to see her again and for us to get more acquainted.”

~Kira S.


“Wonderful care for my teen daughters. Very attentive and flexible. Adejoke is genuinely interested in our well-being.”

~Jaime G.

La Tanya

“We had a wonderful and amazing visit … I just love her … because she listens to u. , and she’s sooo down to earth… I felt very comfortable sharing my feeling with her.”

~La Tanya M.


“Thoughtful, mindful, helpful, beautiful, honest, and literally helped me with resources to find housing! I love Adejoke :)”

~Kaela S.


“I really enjoyed my visit and how much she listened to me and my concerns. I actually feel like I can achieve my goals with her! Thank you.”

~Katie G.


“Kindest, warmest experience. Thank you Nexus of Hope.”

~Jill F.


“Been seeing Dr.Adejoke for years and have recommended her to two peers – I appreciate being able to grow and stick with a single doctor throughout my experience. Thanks Dr.A”

~Lauren S.


“Adejoke is an incredibly intelligent and caring person who makes sure you feel heard and respected, and that you’re getting the best care possible! Talking with her feels like talking with a good friend.”

~Alanna G.


“I’ve learned so much working with Dr. Adejoki and her team. Thankful for her expertise, resourcefulness and ability to provide creative solutions to my daily struggles.”

~Christina A.


“Always so helpful, thourough and I feel in a positive place after every visit”

~Lisa K.


“It’s very open place. Very understanding!! So glad I found this place”

~Julie S.


“Adejoke has helped me immeasurably. Her kindness, patience, and knowledge are a blessing.”

~Tara W.


“Nexus of Hope is amazing. The quality of care is unequaled. Adejoke is a very special and caring human being. I always feel better after our appointments and am grateful I found Adejoke and Nexus of Hope!”

~Dawn C.


“I thought the intake paperwork provided a good picture of who I am for the doctors, before they even met me. And it also saved a lot of time to not have to go over sections that just didn’t apply to my case. From there, the staff was only better! They walked me through steps, answered questions and informed me about what was going on with my body with the addiction and how suboxone helped alleviate symptoms while my receptors go back down and heal. I also love how they focus on what’s best for me and let me drive the wheel of my recovery, with their support.”

~Erin H.


“Adejoke is Amazing and I am very grateful I have come across her, she is very down to earth/non-judgmental as well as a great listener. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

~Alex B.


“I appreciate ms.adedeji, she is understanding and easy to talk with. She listens to you without interrupting and responds with a full answer.”

~Tony J.


“Ms. Adedeji, or as I call her Dr. Addy, is truly one of the rarest health care providers I have ever met. I went through dozens between transitioning out of the military, and using the VA system. Dr. Addy truly listens to your needs, future goals, etc. It is not easy to open up and talk to anyone about your medical history or trauma. Dr. Addy is not pushy like other medical providers I’ve had in the past. Long review, but the point is Ms. Adedeji truly is patients first mindset, and would highly recommend her or her staff to anyone not satisfied with their current care, or looking for a provider”

~Matthew N.


“It is great meeting with a mental health provider that you know really cares about you!”

~Joseph R.


“Adejoke has always been caring, insightful, and helpful since my first appointment!”

~Sophie H.


“Adejoke is a wonderful at what she does. She understands about addiction and the grips it has on individuals and has a good approach to how to make a difference in a patent.”

~Gordon N.


“Adejoke is one of the best healthcare providers I’ve ever had. She makes me feel like a person, not a DX. Grateful for her.”

~Aria D.


‘Ms. Adedeji is dependable and consistent. I have been a patient for over a year for PTSD, and and i’ve always felt safe and heard.”

~Rebecca P.


“Great service, I get listened to my by caregiver and my medication was approved and filled promptly. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.”

~Tyler T.


“Dr. A has really helped me turn things around in my life. She is attentive, practical, and utilizes many other resources that just a “cut-and-dry” session and then I go home. I get homework that helps me focus on bettering my mental health during the rest of week, which helps me stick to the goals we set. Also, her style of practice is tastefully diverse, and she combines medicine with other self-healing techniques for a more holistic treatment. 10/10 from me—I know that each week I’ll walk away with something valuable that is helping me rebuild my life. I appreciate you!”

~Colin S.


“It was great to be able to get in so quickly! All of the staff has been incredibly friendly and nonjudgmental, I could not be happier with my care. I have literally recommended everyone I know to Eni and Nexus of hope.”

~Violet H.


“absolutely amazing Nini has been the best person I have worked with in so long she listens she is so respectful and sweet and kind and all of the above and I feel so safe talking to her about my life and she’s been really helping me figure out my meds And yes she is so helpful I I adore her”

~Sophia W.


“Enitan Ekwotafia has given me the best care I have received in quite some time. She has provided very person-centered care with great compassion. I feel heard and that my needs are addressed. She also responds to any communication on the portal in a timely manner. Thank you so much!!”

~Sarah A.


“I found Ms. Adejoke very easy to talk too! She’s open and offers her attention to my needs. I see a great client/doc relationship ahead of us.”

~Dauhn J.


“I love Enitan!! She is so kind and driven to help me reach the headspace I’ve been working towards. Enitan is a great listener and any patient of hers is lucky!”

~Ahrya S.


“I think Enitan Is outstanding! She takes the time to really listen so I always feel heard and understood. I feel comfortable and at ease with Enitan because she’s kind and respectful. I’m very happy with Nexus of Hope.”

~Lois J.


“Dr. Adedeji is very knowledgeable in various areas of psychiatry and therapy. This makes her approach very holistic. She is reliable and available when she is needed.”

~Alyssa T.


“It was wonderful. Adejoke was incredibly helpful and thoughtful, and I can tell that she very much cares about what she does!”

~Perrin B.


“Adejoke was so warm and welcoming right from the start and I immediately felt comfortable! I love how collaborative her care is. She doesn’t just tell you what to do/take. She works WITH you to decide the best care path and medication for YOU and I really appreciate that individualized approach in her care!”

~Laura K.


“Ms. Adejoke is beautiful, intelligent and truly amazing. I went to other people in the past the treatment I got was not effective. I am a believer in treatment and the right medication.”

~Cassandra L.


“I was so depressed and hopeless after countless unsuccessful encounters with other pyschatrist, I found Dr. Adejoke. After our first meeting, I felt more opmistic about the future. She is non judge mental, resourceful and an absolutely pleasure to speak to you.”

~Lauren H.


“I had a lot of apprehension and anxiety on my way to initial appointment. Once I sat down I immediately felt comfort and NO judgement. Her demeanor, knowledge and listening skills are real. I truly felt like she heard me. She shared some great information with me and made a great point that each person’s grief is their own . I see Adejoke once a month and I look forward to our sessions. She recommended a great place for behavior health that I feel was a good fit for me. Very relaxed atmosphere. She is an amazing Doctor. Thank you for your help.”

~Tracey R.

Note: Some names and photos of our clients have been changed to protect their privacy

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